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Fire Skink

Origin. The fire skink ( Lepidothyris fernandi) is mostly found in West Africa, but is also found in Angola and Guinea. The natural habitats of fire skinks are forests and grasslands with plenty of hiding spaces. The fire skink is a calm species, but these reptiles may bite and arch their backs if provoked. Fire skinks are often caught in the.

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The Fire Skink of Western Africa Featured Creature

Overview. Fire skinks or Riopa fernandi are native to West Africa, specifically from Ghana, Tongo, and Benin. These species of skinks are medium-sized and can grow up to 12-14 inches in length.

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Fire skinks can measure up to 12-15″ / 30-38cm long as adults, and are easily recognizable by their colorful appearance: a glossy red and bronze body with black markings and white speckling. Limbs and eyes are black, and the underside is striped black and white. They have a typical skink build with a long, robust body and short but strong limbs.

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The Fire Skink of Western Africa Featured Creature

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African Fire Skink Care Guide & Info » Petsoid

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