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Manufacturer of 100% electric motorcycles for the street and dirt.

ERacer Motorcycles Offering Two "Special" Versions Of Zero Electric

E-RACER MOTORCYCLES: TWO NEW SPECIALS BASED ON THE CALIFORNIAN MANUFACTURER ZERO MOTORCYCLES E-Racer Motorcycle presents two new Specials based on Zero Motorcycles: the Edge, a Zero SR / F.

Victory RR Electric Race Bike Debuts for the Isle of Man TT

Yes, E-Xplorer is a motorcycle championship. The first of its kind, too. Each round consists of teams of a male and female rider battling in a head-to-head knockout contest.

A Honda Electric Cafe Racer Motorcycle Concept Gessato

11. Alta Motors Redshift MXR. Alta Motors is either out of business or on hiatus, but its iconic Redshift MXR lives on. The electric motorbike comes in light at just 259 pounds and cracks 65 mph at a breakneck pace. Powering this race-worthy two-wheeler is a compact battery and streamlined engine.

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The Ducati V21L prototype is powered by 1,152 21 x 17mm cylindrical battery cells (6 cells in parallel x 192 in series) that produce 110kW (150 hp) and 140 Nm (103 lb.-ft.) of torque. The motor.

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The result is the E-Racer Bestial-e, and it is the fourth edition of the E-Racer design led by Aldo De Giovanni since its inaugural design in 2019. The latest version of the Bestial-e brings an all-new LED headlight to the motorcycle, which itself features a streamlines design and two side spoilers. Additionally, the 'tank' is made more.

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The team also added its Audio-Forceback (E-RAF) which is an audio system that produces high and low-frequency sound waves that 1) warn pedestrians of the presence of the electric motorcycle and.

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Tarform LUNA Racer Edition. Tarform Motorcycles founder Taras Kravtchouk spent 3 years developing his 'LUNA' electric motorcycle prototype. Taking a completely sustainable design approach Taras utilised the latest in biodegradable and environmentally low impact materials to create his vision of future forward two wheeled transport.

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E-Racer made headlines in 2019 with the Edge, a Zero SR/F-based build that transformed the modern naked bike into a neo-café racer.The custom garage still picks the Zero SR/F for its Bestial-E.

California’s Fly Free Adds Café Racer To Its Electric Lineup

The NAWA Racer has been developed by a consortium of partners. NAWA Technologies has led the development of the hybrid prototype. The technology uses ultracapacitors along with lithium-ion cells. NAWA Technologies has revealed the first fully rideable prototype of its NAWA Racer electric motorcycle at the ongoing EICMA 2021 show in Milan, Italy.

ERacer Motorcycle presents two new Specials based on Zero Motorcycles

This is E-Racer, Italian electric custom motorcycles For 2020 summer, in a very limited series of only 10 units, we have 2 models available . The brand new high performance EDGE based on the Zero SR/F, and the second version of the RUGGED, the all terrain motorcycle based on the Zero FXS. To preorder contact our team

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E-Racer Motorcycle presents two new Specials based on Zero Motorcycles: the Edge, a Zero SR / F Cafe Racer and the RUGGED Mark2 based on Zero FXS which will be officially in production and ready for sales from spring 2020.

Highly Caffeinated The Fastest Cafe Racers of 2021 Return of the

Being nearly 200 pounds lighter than the Ego Corsa, the Lightfighter's 375 lbs feels feather-like in comparison, and that shows in every aspect of performance. Of course, much of this discrepancy can be attributed to battery capacity: the Energica carries twice as much as the Lightfighter ("over 20kWh" vs. 11kWh).

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The first racing Ducati equipped with a fully electric powertrain, called V21L: a project created to be the MotoGP of electric motorbikes. Discover the prototype MotoE The numbers for the 2023 MotoE World Championship

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Top 10 race bikes of 2015 Visordown

Ducati's MotoE racer gives hints to its production future. Ducati today dropped a minor bombshell with the press release below, announcing testing for its prototype MotoE racer had already begun. For those unaware, Ducati is set to become the sole manufacturer for the MotoE World Cup starting in 2023, replacing Energica, whose contract as the.